The Profile of Master David Bell
The First Tang Soo Do of Fremont
The Healing Arts Center


The First Tang Soo Do of Fremont is an academy of Martial Arts. We are an association of Martial Artists, studying the behavior of mankind through a traditional Korean fighting art form called, “Tang Soo Do”. Literally translated, the word “Tang” refers to the T’ang Dynasty of China reflecting the shared cultural background between China and Korea. “Soo” means hand, but implies fist, punch, strike or defense, and “Do” means way of life or simply, “the way”.

The Healing Arts Center is the coming together of three different but not dissimilar ways of life; Tang Soo Do, Chi Kung and Yoga. The basic philosophy underlying the success of the center has been its three fold approach towards a stronger and better life.

The belief that a balance between three elements, the Mind, the Body and the Spirit is the key to finding lasting solutions to the everyday problems we call “life”. Master Bell refers to this as the “whole person concept”. The objectives of the school have always been to look at situations with a ‘macro’ approach, rather than through a microscope and to provide a holistic answer to the questions we ask.

Master David Bell, Jr. founded “The Healing Arts Center” in 1991 as “The First Tang Soo Do of Fremont”. He has nearly three decades of study in the art of Tang Soo Do, beginning his training with Master Darnell Leak of Greenwood, South Carolina; with such accomplishments as Silver Medalist fighting in the U.S. Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation, World Championship in 1983.

He joined the World Tang Soo Do Association in 1987 under the leadership of Master Darryl Khalid of Phoenix, Arizona. He held several world titles in that organization; including 3rd place fighting 1988, 2nd place fighting 1992, and 3rd place weapons form in 1996. “The First Tang Soo Do of Fremont” was the first school in the World Tang Soo Do Association to be recognized as; Studio of the Month. For ten years Master Bell was recognized by the association as a Certified Black Belt Instructor, judging in many national and international competitions; highest rank recognized by the association, 3rd Degree Black Belt. Master Bell resigned from the Would Tang Soo Do Association, April 17, 2003.

In the mid 90’s Master Bell was recognized by one of China’s most respected world renowned Chi Kung Masters, as possessing a strong field of Chi (energy) around him. He is now a member of the Master Zhao Alumnus Institute, Inc., where he has learned and still trains to calm and soften his energy, emit it to others for healing purposes. His study also includes the understanding of the 13 Meridian Line and the 365 Pressure Points, through which the energy travels throughout the body. Chi Kung lends to an incredible sense of relaxation and stress relief. Master Bell offers Chi Kung classes at the Center for students to learn to Rejuvenate Life’s Energy! He credits the recognition of this field of energy to his long years of studying and training in the disciplined art of Tang Soo Do.

Throughout the practice of Tang Soo Do, stretching has been significant in preparing the body for training. Master Bell has, during his many years of training learned various stretching related techniques from different masters. Doing a recovery period of a muscle pull in the back, in the mid 90’s, after several weeks of western medicines and no relief, he was introduced to Yoga. The concept of deep mental awareness (Mind) of the muscle pulled, the proper way to alienate and stretch the muscle out (Body), with a correct pattern of breathing (Spirit); would release the toxins trapped to give instant relief and aid in healing. In further study, Master Bell has the understanding of Yoga to stretch the internal organs as well as the muscles and ligaments that hold together the Skeletal System. Yoga gives way for an exceptional sense of blood circulation.

All the years of training and teaching Master Bell feels he is Coming Full Circle!


Through the collaboration of Three Trusted Influences:   


Master Darnell Leak
Korean – American Tang Soo Do Federation
Greenwood, South Carolina


Master Xue Zhong Zhao
Master Zhao Institute, Inc. Chi Kung
Fremont, California


Master Darryl Khalid
Universal Tang Soo Do Alliance
Glendale, Arizona


In memory of:
Master Frank Waller, Jr.

July 2003
 David N. Bell, Jr. Dan #024112

May 2003
The International Rank of Master
4th Dan Black Belt

May 2007
The International Rank of Master
5th Dan Black Belt

Sanctioned by,
Universal Tang Soo Do Alliance