Mr. Thirumoorthy Gunasekaran

I started learning Martial Arts in Japanese Style ShitoRyu under the guidance of Master Devaraj from 1999. I was practicing in that style for more than 7 years. Right from childhood, I was grown in a community where education is given more importance than anything. So I studied well and got a seat in prestigious engineering college in 1999 but I was weak both physically and mentally. I needed something which could make me strong. So for the first time in my life in 1999, I started showing serious interest in something (Martial arts) other than education. I never thought this is going to be significant part (or way) of my life.

Martial arts made me strong both mentally and physically. It gave me immense joy and energy. My perspective towards life changed a lot. Life has started becoming fresh and interesting. I participated in many karate tournaments in India and I met many Masters there. They all had some things in common. They are very strong and lively. It looked very attractive to me. Days were going fine. Due to job location, I’ve to move away from my master (who is in Coimbatore) to a different place called Chennai in 2003. Till this time, I had a pretty good experience in Martial arts but without clear understanding about it. I always needed my master to practice the art. I lacked discipline to practice on my own and hence I was very imbalanced.

I came to Fremont, CA in 2007. I met Master Bell there and started training in Tang Soo Do with him from March 2007. Master Bell revealed me the inner spiritual aspects of Martial arts and taught me the strong philosophy along with the art. Each single movement in the art is practiced with Mind-Body-Spirit balance concept. I started learning the secrets of the Magic (Martial arts). I begin to become centered on myself which gave me stability, balance, clarity and peace. I understood the connection between the life and the art. It is more than punching, kicking, doing some forms or breaking boards. It is a beautiful system to elevate the human consciousness or awareness about oneself and about life.

I learnt to look at whole picture of my life and also learnt to look inside myself to find solutions for the life situations. My life started to become simple and cool. Things at my job are getting done with less effort. I'm no more looking towards weekends for enjoyment. I'm pretty excited everyday. My relationships with my family and friends have become very smooth. I learnt to share my love, happiness and clarity with them.

Apart from martial arts, Master Bell also taught me Yoga and Chi Kung which complement each other.

With deep stretches in yoga, the mind-body-spirit comes together in a beautiful balance and I experienced a profound peace or bliss which words will not be enough to explain it.

Chi Kung is the profound system to become aware of the life energy and to rejuvenate one's energy to maintain inner harmony. After started practicing Chi Kung, I became very aware on my habits like eating, sleeping, breathing and thinking. And also I became conscious of my conversation with people around me.

Today as a Black Belt and instructor, when I look at my character, I came long way. I become more mature, strong and humble in my character with more patience and tolerance. And the most beautiful part is the understanding of the system behind my growth or the path that I traveled. I think this will be the most important tool which will help me to evolve continuously in future and also to help my beloved people in my community.