Mr. Amil Khanzada

My name is Amil Khanzada. I am currently 19 years old and am studying Computer Science and Japanese at UC Berkeley. I have been training with Master Bell for the past 6 years and recently turned black belt. As I am learning, there is a lot more to learn. It just makes sense for me to stay humble so that I can keep on growing. Rather than being the beginning of the end, the black belt has actually proven to be a new beginning for me.

When I joined the school back in summer of 2005, I was a scrawny 13 years old. I couldn't walk straight, sit still in a chair, and didn't even have the discipline to turn off the TV while studying. My parents wanted better for me. In particular, my dad searched and searched for over a month, until he finally found Master Bell. Seeing the strength of Master Bell's philosophy, my dad brought me over, interviewed with Master Bell, and signed me up.

The road to where I am now has been a long one. The countless life experiences, the thousands of jumping jacks, the thousands of forms... through them all I had Master Bell. He has been a teacher, a life mentor, someone who has always been there to pull me up and give me a whole different view of my life situations. Three days a week, for six years. At times, I forget that I have been with Master Bell for so long, so consistently... I have grown a lot and I feel very blessed.

The three Arts (Tang Soo Do, Yoga, and Chi Kung) that Master Bell teaches are just that − Arts. The goal is not to fight, but to learn how to fight, how to stretch, to understand the mechanism of the body, to fully focus all three aspects of the person (mind, body, spirit) on a single act. I am nowhere near being perfect or having full focus, nor is Master Bell even. But, that is exactly what the beauty of the Arts is. The never-ending study and practice to achieve this "full focus" is precisely what makes life so wholesome. And that is why I train and study these Arts every day, with Master Bell or without. As I am learning, a Martial Artist is not defined by a certificate or trophy, but by his or her way of life.