Black Belt Society

My name is Marcela Munoz, I am from the First Tang Soo Do of Fremont, CA. I've been training for six years now. I am thirteen years old and started my training at age seven. When I first saw my brother in karate I was mesmerized. I was really interested. When I first found out that I was going to be in karate I was so excited because I thought I was going to be like the next karate kid in a movie.

At first I thought I was going to become that all in one day. In the beginning I was having trouble opening up to my instructor, Mr. David Bell. I had been signed up with my three other sisters. I wasn't really sure what to expect from my training. Before I knew it I was in regular classes with welcoming students.

Ms. Marcela Munoz

When the higher belts were doing their forms I saw them and was amazed. I couldn't wait to learn how to do that. After I realized how hard I had to work I wanted to quit but I'm glad my instructor and mother helped me to get through it. I am currently a second-degree black belt.

I like to work with the colored belts because sometimes they remind me of myself. Like when an artist paints a picture they like to stand back and look at what they've done. I like to teach a student and see their forms get sharper and know that I was part of that improvement.

In my family my twin and I are the youngest. We have always been close in our family. Being seven when I started I practically have grown up with my training. Before my training in karate I argued a lot with my sisters. When we started karate all four of us gained discipline and we were more well balanced. Instead of walking right into an argument we try to avoid them, though we still do argue at times.

In school karate has changed my thinking. When I think of school, like any 13-year-old I would say I didn't like going. When I go to school my instructor always tells me to look for a good day, which is what I do. When I see myself wandering off I take a deep breath and concentrate.

When I'm in school I try my best to get good grades. Good grades always lead to a good future. What I want to do is go to college and study to be a veterinarian. I think my training will have prepared me for life ahead and help me concentrate on being the best that I can be.