Black Belt Society

I was introduced to Tang Soo Do at the age of seven, by my older brother who had been training. I joined with my three other sisters. It was so exciting to be introduced to something that not every one knew about. My twin and I have been training for six years now and we are both second-degree black belts and have experience in teaching.

I have always enjoyed teaching because I don't just teach the student but they teach me as well. When teaching a student, it is like constructing a building. If you teach a student well, you will have a sturdy base and it will grow to be a building that will last for years to come. The students will grow based on what you teach them and seeing them grow has made part of me grow with them. You have to put your heart into what you do and you'll be rewarded with the outcome of a strong student.

Ms. Monica Munoz

When we got to work, I realized that it would take hard work, which it did and it always will, but always knowing that your have earned that position and that knowledge will always be priceless to me. That hard work and practice have taught me skills that have helped me become who I am. That same practice and skills has helped me in things outside of my training. It has helped me in school, sports and family too.

My family is very important to me. I love my parents and brothers and sisters. When we have time together we spend it well. As the second to the youngest in the family, I find the responsibility to help my sisters and try not to bother my parents. This is where my training comes in and has influenced me to have self-control and be disciplined. My family will always be important to me no matter what; I will always love them.

I have always have always tried to reach higher in my goals. I am in seventh grade and I attend Walters Junior High School. I am in several honors classes and maintain a 4.0 grade average. I hope to finish junior high and attend high school and college and become a marine biologist and major in Marine Biology. Tang Soo Do has helped me become much more than a karate student, but also a well-balanced person.