California College of Martial Arts

To help the individual develop Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually, and in doing so gain more knowledge of the self by increasing self-awareness and developing a greater sensitivity towards all things in nature.

"in nature be like water
At rest, like a mirror
Respond like an echo
Be subtle, as though non-existent"

1. Mental Development
Tang Soo Do develops the intellectual capacities of the student. It concentrates on developing the students ability to analyze new situations; to reason quickly, and to think and act through knowledge and spirit. It also offers the student a higher degree of mental development by introducing each individual to a state of mental consciousness that is non-intellectual (anti-intellectual). This is achieved by helping each student to perceive experiences, interactions, and situations as they occur through the utilization of all of the senses. In Tang Soo Do, the student learns to further develop and utilize all of the senses and is not restricted to the belief that the human mechanism consists only of the five senses as recognized by the Western World.

2. Physical Development
Each individual has different physical abilities and limitations. In Tang Soo Do, students learn to recognize and cope with their limitations but more important, they learn to develop all of those qualities and physical abilities they are capable of attaining. The practice of Tang Soo Do exercises .both the internal and external systems of the human anatomy which results in keeping one younger, healthier, and more physically fit for a longer period of time. Since Tang Soo Do practice involves the utilization of the entire body, the student develops better coordination and quicker reflexes. Also, the muscular fibers of the body do not deteriorate and atrophy, and the internal and autonomic systems of the body function more efficiently. Within cacti living thing in the Universe, there exists an internal physical force that is the necessary ingredient for the perpetuation of life. The student of Tang Soo Do does not learn to develop this physical force (since it already exists) but rather develops an awareness for it and develops a means of utilizing it in conjunction with all other physical properties of the human body. Mere physical or muscular strength is not all that is involved but instead, each student strives to develop a means of getting "in touch" with their inner force and strength in an attempt to become a more complete physical being that is part of and not separate from the Universe.

3. Spiritual Development
The practice of Tang Soo Do enables one to grow spiritually by developing within each student a positive philosophical approach to life. One of the main purposes of Tang Soo Do is the development of character. Students strive to improve their character and mental perspective through a system of training that requires a high concentration and disciplining of the mind and body. The ultimate goal of the art is creation; a spiritual awakening of the mind and body towards a sensitivity and appreciation for the beauty of life and love and reverence for nature. Students develop humility and a change in personality by gaining a sensitivity of which they are not usually aware of. They learn to respond to their innermost feelings and become more self-confident, self-sufficient as a person, more independent, mature, and inner-directed. Students able to maintain this communion with themselves outside the school are able to meet with any conflict or situation in a more able manner, using their entire "being" to deal with life.