Introduction to Chi Kung


Classification of Chi Kung

There are tens of thousands of schools or styles of Chi Kung. The basic classifications are the Taoist, the Buddhist, the Martial Art Chi Kung, Scholar Chi Kung, the Medical Chi Kung and the Folklore Chi Kung. The basic principles and methods among many of these schools are fundamentally the same.


The character “Chi” has many meanings and there are many forms and classifications of Chi. Here, I call it simply as “Life Energy.” Life in human-being ceases to exist as the Chi or Life Energy vanishes. When the flow of Chi is stagnant or encountered blockage in the human body, disease of the organs and many times pain is result. Chi cannot be seen or even felt by people in general. A patient receiving External Chi Treatment may feel warm, cold or tingling sensation as the practitioner guides the Chi through the meridians.

The Chi is every where in the Universe. There is constant exchange of Chi between the Universe and the human body. The Universe Chi combined with the Internal Chi, after manipulation, carries information as it is being guided and is not at a random state as occurred in nature, and I call it as the External Chi.

When people practice Chi Kung, he or she begins to feel and experiences the Chi flowing through the body. As the student advances in the practice, his sensory perception is enhanced. He may even see the Chi or the “Light” and be able to manipulate the Chi. Chi, therefore, can be felt and seen at this higher level of Chi Kung achievement. Chi can also be measured; Research Labs in China, Taiwan and Japan have confirmed that the External Chi emitted by Chi Kung practitioners constitutes at least infrared, electromagnetic and subsonic waves. The Chi Kung practitioners act as a very sensitive emitter and receiver (detector) when compared with ordinary people. He can emit as well as receive the Chi.

Detection of Chi

All matters are made of atoms of fundamental elements. Physics teachers us that atoms radiate (emit) or absorb (receive) energy due to the energy states of the electrons. Its existence and the change of energy can be detected by instrumentation due to the presence of the electric field it generated. Living cells of human body are of no exception. It is hypothesized that human cells emit and receive bioelectric fields that carry information. When a person is sick, the cells in the affected area emit a bioelectric field that is different of that of the normal state. Chi Kung practitioners with high level of sensory perception are able to receive, sense, differentiate and interpret such information from the patient. Lao-Kung detection technique in Chi

Kung is an example. The information from the bioelectric field may even contain historical as well as emotional signals. This may also establish the theory behind the phenomenon of Medical Intuition, which can detect the medication, or abnormalities of the human body in its present as well as the past.


Chi Kung and Extraordinary Human Ability

There are many Extraordinary Human Ability (EHA) phenomenon; Extrasensory Perception (ESP), Telepathy, Precognition, Remote Viewing, Psycho kinesis, Levitation, Medical Intuition, Bio Viewing etc. These are exceptional abilities performed by a very small population of the human race. They usually occur by way of one of the three paths; by birth, at certain stage of life triggered by certain events or by training. In China, scientific experiments have been conducted on the training of Extraordinary Abilities. Data shows that children rank first in speed and likelihood in achieving Extraordinary Abilities. Less skeptic adults rank second. The skeptic adults rank last, if possible at all.

Buddhist and Taoist scriptures document and detail many methods to achieve Extraordinary Abilities through the practice of Chi Kung. These Extraordinary Abilities are but only intermediate steps toward the ultimate goal of reaching “The Buddha Nature” in Buddhism or “One with Nature” in Taoism. The fundamental goal is spiritual enlightenment in both cases. Both believe that not just the Extraordinary Abilities but also the ultimate spiritual enlightenment are all within every human being. He or she can achieve this ultimate goal through the practice of the body, character and mind to release these human potentials. At the advanced stage of Taoist and Buddhist Chi Kung, regulating the mind and thus the character (action and behavior as a manifestation of the mind and intention) become the driving force while regulating the body and breathing are more emphasized at the elementary stage. The mind is the ultimate tool to achieve the goal. The concept of mind over matter and that we have only utilized five percent of our brain confirm this emphases. It is also interesting to note that the human character, outlook, or frame of mind emphasized by the Buddhist and Taoist in order to achieve this ultimate goal are common with many religions and philosophers in shaping the human mind on the road to enlightenment. They are: openness, truth, faith, honor, integrity, humility, love, contentment, positive engagement, selfless detachment, compassion (give others of happiness and relieving others of pain and suffering) and the celebration of life. They say, “If the mind is not righteous, the Chi cannot be righteous.” A non-righteous Chi is damaging to both the body and spirit. The mind and intention drive the Chi. Chi Kung, therefore, can be defined as a study and practice to develop the life energy, human potential, mind and spirit.

Through Chi Kung practice, the life energy within our body is nourished and strengthened. Our sensory perception is enhanced. One may even acquire Extraordinary Human Ability. Then what is the mechanism? Presently, scientists have begun to validate the existence of Chi. This study may evolve into a separate branch of science to understand the mechanism of this phenomenon. We are still uncovering the many treasures accumulated by our ancestors throughout the ages of human experimentation.


Chi Kung and Chinese Medicine

Chi Kung and Chinese Traditional Medicine are closely inter-related. The earliest collection of publications on the Chinese Medicine, “The Yellow Emperor’s Nei Jing,” in the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.) documented the theory, practice and treatment using Chi Kung. Jin Kui Yao Lue (Prescription from the Golden Chamber) by Zhang Zhong-Jing of the Han Dynasty discussed the use of Chi Kung and Acupuncture to maintain good health. In the Qi Jing Ba Mai Kao (Deep Study of the Extraordinary Eight Vessels), Li Shi-Zhen, a famous doctor and Chi Kung Master in the 16th Century, described the relationship between Chi Kung and Acupuncture.  

In the ancient times, there was no instrumentation; these Chi Kung Masters used their extrasensory detection capabilities to determine the flow of the Chi inside the human body and the reaction of Chi to different kinds of herbs and stimulation, e.g. acupuncture. With their own experience and experimentation, they compiled the famous book on Chinese herbal medicine (Bun Chou Kong Mu). The ancient Chi Kung practitioners were pioneers in the development of Chinese medicine.

According to Chinese Medicine, people get sick because there is blockage in the Chi flow along the Meridians and the system loses Yin Yang equilibrium. When receiving External Chi Treatment, the External Chi Kung enters the patient’s meridian. This Chi under the guidance of the Chi Kung practitioner opens the blockage, motivates the flow of blood and Chi, therefore, it relieves pain and inflammation. It also balances the Yin and Yang equilibrium in the organs, enabling the body to recover and strengthen itself.

In comparing Chi Kung Healing and Acupuncture, acupuncture opens up Chi blockage by points while Chi Kung can be pointed, lined or surface. The response and effect is therefore much greater using Chi Kung. Besides removing Chi blockage to eliminate pain and balance the Chi within the body, the External Chi also strengthens the immunity ability of the body as it tends to have a positive effect on human cells.


Experience as a Chi Kung Practitioner, Teacher and Healer

Based on my experience as a Chi Kung practitioner, teacher and healer, I have so far reached the following observations:

  1. Chi Kung healing or practice not all-powerful or cure-all. It has its strength,        shortcomings and limitations as all other forms of medical practices and health enrichment techniques. The results is not necessary immediate. An integrated approach with both alternative and modern medicine and methodology, if available, will probably provide the best approach in the arena of healing and health maintenance.
  2. Due to differences in environment, in human attitude (the mind), life experience and stage of physical development, the Chi Kung experience and achievement are different for each person even with the same method for the same duration.
  3. Practicing Chi Kung does not necessary lead to Extraordinary Human Abilities. Extraordinary Human Abilities is not permanent and not all-powerful. Similar to electrical receiver and emitter instrumentation, it has its bandwidth, power, sensitivity, coding and encoding, and signals to noise ratio limitations.