California College of Martial Arts

"The Integrated Fighting Art"

Hapkido, the "way of coordinated power", is a Martial art encompassing the striking aspects of Karate, the throwing aspects of Judo and the locking and breaking aspects of Aikido.

Hapkido is an Amalgamation (a mixture of different techniques and theories) of the Chinese-influenced Korean Tae Kyun and Japanese daito Ryu or dai Ju-Jutsu.

Hapkido is a combination of three words, "hap", meaning harmony or coordination, "ki", meaning power or more literally - cosmic force, and "do", meaning the way or the art of. In short, Hapkido means: the art of power, coordination and harmony.

This coordination of power and harmony is manifested in two ways: First and most importantly is the harmony between the mind and the body. To be able to function most effectively in a combat situation, one must have total control of both mind and body. You should use the physical body as an extension of your mental directive. The second concept of harmony deals with the coordination of an attack or of defense. Both concepts are essential to successful self-defense.

Korean modern Hapkido is one of the truly integrated arts that recognizes the effectiveness of combining the best aspects of both the "hard" and "soft" styles into very powerful combinations of technique and theories.